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Tuesdays, Beginning April 1 

Christians, Jews and Muslims share a common bond in the sacred stories of Genesis.  Using Bill Moyers’ “Genesis: A Living Conversation” as the basis for conversation, TMM will offer people of faith a chance to explore, discuss and learn about different theological perspectives from a common and uncommon story of faith, tradition and history.  The first group in this study will be meeting on Tuesday afternoons, beginning April 1, 2014.  The group will meet from 3:00  to 4:30 pm at Bethany Christian Church at 6730 S. Sheridan.  If you’re interested in joining this study group, please contact us at PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.

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Please plan on joining us at our annual delegate meeting June 19, 2014 at Yale Avenue Christian Church.  More information in the following weeks.

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“The Useful Little Penny”

We find them everywhere. Pockets, sidewalks, even in the bottom of the washing machine. A simple little penny. In today’s economy they do not go very far. But just because they are the smallest of monetary value, there still are uses for pennies.

First, they are simple gauges for measuring tread-wear on you vehicles tires. Simply hold the penny with Honest Abe’s head pointing down. Insert the penny in the grooves of the tire tread. If any part of Abe’s head is visible, it’s a good indicator that your tires may be getting to a point that the tread is worn and the tire is in need of replacement.

Secondly, a penny can help you find those annoying squeaks and other noises inside your vehicle. There are seams along the vehicle’s dash and instrument cluster that often will be a source of those noises that are often difficult to locate. Wrap the penny in tissue and insert it along the seams, around the radio bezel, and instrument cluster. If the noise goes away or changes you have found the source.

Finally, pennies can add up and make a big difference for someone in need of assistance. Families all across the Tulsa metropolitan area are struggling to meet their financial needs. Many of these needs include finding affordable car repair. Without a reliable vehicle, these families cannot make it to work, doctor’s appointments, or school. This is where we can be of great service. The Tulsa Metro Mechanics program is being developed to meet this need. By partnering with local automotive repair shops we will be able to deliver vehicle repairs and service to those in need.

How can you help? There are many ways. If you or somebody you know works for or has a repair shop that would want to become part of this program have them contact me for more information. Also, if you or somebody that you know has a late model car, van, or truck that they would be willing to donate to the program, send them our way. These vehicles will be inspected and made roadworthy. Afterwards, the vehicles will be sold, with proceeds going to help fund our program. Also, cash donations (including pennies) go a long way in helping us achieve this program’s mission. Most donations are tax deductible through TMM.