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Focus on Clergy

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Awareness is an important attribute in being a public entity.  One of the paths that we are taking at TMM to increase awareness of what we are doing and what we have to offer is to focus on Clergy and the congregations they serve.  We are moving forward with this focus because we believe that the Faith Leaders of Tulsa (whether members of TMM or not): 1) deserve special attention, 2) are necessary to foster supportive relationships between their congregations and TMM and 3) that these same Faith Leaders are beset by multiple challenges that are unique to their work as pastors, rabbis, imams or executives.Our efforts to provide support and care for clergy have been encouraged by a grant given to us to promote this work.  The grant offers a matching amount of funds to build up the resources needed for our work with clergy.

Every dollar we raise from members, corporations, foundations or grants will be matched  up to $5000.00.

Please consider making a contribution to help us expand our ability to support the clergy of Tulsa.  Double your investment in supporting our clergy by contributing to this matching fund. To make your donation, contact us by sending an email to CLERGY CARE.

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Christians, Jews and Muslims share a common bond in the sacred stories of Genesis.  Using Bill Moyers’ “Genesis: A Living Conversation” as the basis for conversation, TMM will offer people of faith a chance to explore, discuss and learn about different theological perspectives from a common and uncommon story of faith, tradition and history.    If you’re interested in joining this study group, please contact us at PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.

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