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Liz Edwards 

Liz Edwards, TIP Program Manager and Attorney 

TMM is excited to announce that its new initiative, the Tulsa Immigration Program (TIP), is now accepting cases. Assistance is provided in obtaining permanent residence, U.S. citizenship and other immigration benefits.  Fees are based on a sliding scale.  Volunteers are needed for help with marketing the program and for translating forms and client interviews from English into Spanish.  For more information contact Elizabeth at 918-280-9177 or TIP@tumm.org.

The Tulsa Immigration Program has a Facebook page!  Like it at www.facebook.com/TulsaImmigration   for interesting news about immigration and the Program.

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canThe Listening Place

It has often been said that the three most important things in the real estate business are “Location! Location! Location!”.  In the relationship business, the three most important things are “Communication! Communication! Communication!”.  And yet in life, an individual often finds themselves with no one they can trust to share their most personal feelings, issues, secrets, fears or desires.  This lack of intimacy, relationship, connection, and trust breeds isolation, anxiety and despair.  In such a time, a person will often benefit most from someone who will “Listen! Listen! Listen!

TMM is considering a new program called The Listening Place. We will offer opportunities for individuals who are seeking a listening ear to meet with a Listener who has training and skills that promote listening, compassion, caring and empathy.  These Listeners will be faith leaders, therapists, interns or others who are available to meet with and listen to individuals who need to talk and who need to know that someone will listen and care.  Our service will use a sliding scale fee system to sustain the program and to provide some compensation to the Listeners.  If you are interested in being a Listener and/or serving on the Listening Place Advisory Council, please contact Ray@Tumm.org or 918-261-2500 or call 918-298-2707.  We are also seeking $5000.00 to support the development of this new program at TMM.  If you would be interested in supporting The Listening Place, please contact us.